Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Bromeliads finding new homes

Success! I am glad that plenty of my bromeliad pups found new homes.

Cleaning out the bromeliad beds in the front yard left me with lots of extra plants I usually give away to neighbors. This year, dividing the bromeliad clusters, I had more than enough so I posted 'Free Bromeliads' on the local forum. I honestly did not think I would get many requests but all went to their new homes in a matter of two days. And I am glad I did that, I met 32 happy gardeners all eager to try their hands on bromeliads. I can only hope they will be as smitten with bromeliads as I am. 

I gave away the easy, carefree varieties for now:

My most favorite garden variety Neoregelia 'Martin', this one can take more sun than most bromeliads. With more sun they turn a brighter pink.

Aechmea ramosa x fulgens, this one keeps the flowers looking nice for a long time but cannot take much sun.

The other carefree varieties I shared were Billbergia 'fantasia', with beautiful creamy white spots

Aechmea warasii discolor. This one is best to grow in a hanging pot or at the edge of a ledge to be able to admire the hanging flowers.

Aechmea gamjosepapa 'Matchstick', What is not to love about this little, happy bromeliad, so perfect as a border for your bromeliad bed.

Neoregelia 'Fireball', loves the sun, but still, apreciates shade protection from the Florida midday sun.

Aechmea 'Del Mar', a show stopper with its bright blue flower. For me, it takes 2 years from pup to flower.

Neoregelia 'Mercury's Night Sky'. I just love this one!

There are so many more tropical plants I can share, many more different bromeliad varieties, gingers, banana pups, elephant ears. And I am looking forward to meeting many more local gardeners.

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