Wednesday, May 15, 2019

All is peachy in Myrtle Glen

Checking on the peaches I am hoping the critters will miss them. we ate all the nectarines and are ready for the peaches :)

plump, and fuzzy, and with its golden glow, doesn't it look just peachy? 

What else is growing...

The Mangoes are getting big, this year I am expecting a large harvest, the tree flowered and set fruit twice this spring. I am watching this spike with not just one or the occasional two, but three fruit developing. I am crossing my fingers none will drop.

And I am waiting for the delicious lychee to ripen. They do grow nicely. The trick to a good harvest seems to be a dry and chilly winter season. There was no frost, but it dipped to 34F a few nights here and there.

Key Limes and Meyer Lemons are doing good, Bananas are ripening, I picked Jalapenos, and the tomatoes ... am thinking about not waiting for the red, but a fried green tomato sandwich... while the tiny bright red Everglades tomatoes go straight into my mouth every time I walk by them.

And the Kumquat is flowering, there is nothing nicer than the smell of citrus flowers.

The Avocado dropped all its fruit once again. I am ready to give up on it. the Canistel is still too young, but I am getting impatient. Next year it better gives me at least one fruit or I will have a stern word with it!

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