Friday, May 10, 2019

Front yard color

A few minutes ago I look out the window just to see a kid tearing off a Magnolia flower while on his way home from school. No big deal, there will be more flowers, but after he walked on I went out to see if there is branch damage. All good, he broke the flower nice and clean. So this entry will not have a magnolia flower. Since it is gone. Down the road. And hopefully into a vase with water. To make a mom happy. 

I am posting a Hydrangea flower cluster instead. 

And once outside I might as well snap a few more pictures.

The little thief missed the wonderful fragrant Gardenia flower, the first one on the shrub.

Around at the corner of the house, the Alpinia formosana is flowering behind ferns and bromeliads.

And the caladium bulbs are waking up. The late afternoon sun gives the plants a golden glow.
Caladium, ferns, and bromeliads are still my favorite plants in the front yard flower beds.

The Roebelenii palm flower clusters are stunning, plump and golden ... and covering everything in yellow dust

On the other side of the house, the passiflora vine is spilling over the fence

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