Rainwater Barrels in Myrtle Glen

Rainwater barrels do not need to be ugly, we turned ours into garden art:

simply painted

One of the projects was adding rainwater barrels to the yard. The four we have are enough to water the container plantings and the very thirsty plants between automatic sprinkler days.

bricked to look like an old-fashioned well

Comments we received ( and I take those with humor ;-) )

'So, you clean your BBQ dishes in those barrels from now on?'

'You come out here for washing your hair?'

'Won't the water be really dirty from coming down off the roof?'

'Now you are watering your plants with acid rain'

' You can even bathe the dogs ;-) rainwater is a whole lot better than chlorinated water'

See how we did them on the blog's page 'Rainbarrels'


  1. Practical and beautiful. You can even bathe the dogs. :) Rain water is a whole lot better than chlorinated water...don't they know?

  2. /laughs/ oh no, this is too funny, i will add this to the list of comments i received ;-)

  3. We are hopefully going to get rain barrels, and I am going to totally steal your painting idea!! Is there any specific type of paint you used? (I am not the most crafty person)

    Those are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi! I'm from Malaysia where the weather is hot & humid all year round.

    I've also set up 3 barrels for rainwater harvesting in my garden and have a question. What happens to the excess rainwater after your barrel is filled up? Overflow down into the ground? Mine does that and I was wondering if there are betters ways to harvest ALL the rainfall. :D

    The most common comment I've received from people about my rain barrels is "Why bother? Malaysia has so much rainfall!" But I think plants really LOVE rainfall as they seem to do much better when watered with it. And oh BTW, I DO bathe my dog with the rainwater and she seems to love it, haha.

    I'm sorry if my comment is too long.