A tropical sunset on a trellis

Hawaiian Sunset Vine (Stictocardia beraviensis)

I love this tropical vine, it grows so fast, I swear I turn around once and it is yet again 4 ft longer. Good thing, since it is frost sensitive. In fall I take a cutting for planting the following spring.

The huge leaves are deep green and heart-shaped, and cover the 10 ft long pergola nicely by beginning of summer.

The beautiful flowers are the colors of a tropical sunset :)
The main flowering time starts the end of November through the winter months, but it will bloom with a few flowers on and off throughout the year.

Hawaiian Bell

Some info: It is a low maintenance plant, but it is thirsty.
Plant it in full sun or part shade.
Even a young, small plant will flower, so if you don't have the space for it in your yard, keep it in a large planter with a trellis.

close up


  1. GT, your garden looks MORE tropical than mine! :D The flowers look terrific & those are really gigantic leaves, I haven't seen this here. Are the flowers scented?

    Wishing you & your family a Merry Christmas & Wonderful New Year!

  2. That's a fantastic vine ~ love the leaves and the beautiful flowers! Your photographs are spectacular on this one!

  3. tanntoot, no, there is no scent to flowers. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year :-)

  4. Beth, I grow this vine mainly for its leaves, I just love the tropical look of those huge leaves :)

  5. OH NO! Now you've shown me another plant I want to add to my yard! Love this one!

  6. I'll share cuttings, just let me know :-)

  7. Jede Pflanze ist eine Pracht

    wunderschön Evi

    die Pflanzen mit den grossen Blättern gefallen

    mir besonders gut Gruss Mama

  8. die grossen Blaetter sind so tropisch, gell? Deswegen gefallen mir auch die Bananenpflanzen so gut :-)

  9. What a beautiful plant! I love the leaves as well. So lush looking!

  10. thanks indie, yes lush looking.... don't the leaves look like they are quilted? :-)

  11. Help !! I’m looking everywhere for this vine. Seeds ? Small plant ? Cutting anything ?!! Thanks