The holidays, a happy time!

The family comes together, celebrating, gifts, delicious food, yummy cocktails... and the dogs  have a great time unwrapping their toys

Sam and Ruby

here are some of our holiday decorations, I am trying to get into the spirit with blue sky, sunshine, palm trees and the AC turned on it is not that easy ;)

The doll house is dressed up with Santa's sleigh on the roof

The handmade winter scene I brought back from Germany while visiting family in Mylau. It shows the Göltzschtalbrücke, the largest brick bridge in the world.

This Santa has its place in the entrance hall

And two more wooden artworks from my home country, I love the smell of the bee wax candles


Happy Holidays Everyone!


  1. Evi ein Foto ist schöner wie das andere
    einfach toll

  2. danke :) aber nun bin ich schon wieder soweit ich moechte alles wegraeumen. Habe genug vom Winter und derweil hat er noch garnicht angefangen.