Passiflora biflora

Here is another plant I love, the Passiflora. I grow several varieties of Passion vines, I love their stunning flowers and the butterflies love them as host plants for the caterpillars.

Here is a tiny jewel, the Passiflora biflora:

Passionflowers come in all sizes, this one is small, so a closer look is necessary to appreciate its beauty.
shiny white, sunny yellow and neon green, doesn't this flower look delicious?

This particular passion vine is easy to grow in the yard or in a pot on the window sill. It flowers freely, even on small and young plants.


  1. Hello, nice photos :-)
    I got my first passiolora in October, as a cutting from a friend, a Passiflora caerulea, the only passioflora that can be grown outdoor here in the UK. Can't wait to see if it flowers and fruit this year!
    Great blog you have, will be back for more later.
    Take care.

  2. I love these blooms as well. A friend shared some volunteers with me last year, and I am thrilled with how well they are doing in my garden. Happy new year!

  3. Beautiful! I don't always like passion flowers - they often look rather strange to me - but this one is stunning! The colors are so springlike and cheerful!

  4. We have a similar passionflower here (middle Georgia), Passiflora lutea.
    Unfortunately most people never observe the bloom, choosing to pull it as a weed.
    I've read that each butterfly has it's own passionflower, Have you observed different cats on different vines?

  5. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. I love the passion vines and am always up for a trade to get one for my collection :-)

  6. I'd be interested in trading... In the Spring.
    In the meanwhile we should research the best way to package the roots.
    I don't want to attempt growing from seed when they send out such a mass of roots.
    It would be nice to package the plants up in soil mix, like Plant Delights Nursery does, but I think just adding several roots to a ziploc baggie and sending it in a padded envelop or one of those small boxes available at the post office would be sufficient... possible adding soil mix to the baggie might be helpful...

  7. What a pretty flower! I like the interestingly shaped neon green leaves too :) Does it bear edible fruits too or just purely admired for its pretty blooms?

  8. I don't have my plant long enough to have set fruit, but I was told the fruits are small and not really for eating. More like the common Passiflora May Pop :-)