Garden Bloggers Bloom Day in May

May is my most favorite month in my Florida garden, where ever I look I see flowers. 

It seems to me in May the plants are simply happy. Happy for the spring rains to break the winter's dry months, happy for the warm temperatures, happy that I am done with cutting them back, happy I fed them yummy organic fertilizers, happy for the butterflies, bees, birds and all the other critters to be out and about. 

Encyclia tampensis

And I believe the plants are happy that I am happy. 


Luckily, these past months during the covid-19 lockdown the nurseries and box stores were considered necessary and I was able to buy mulch, potting mix and fertilizer. I wasn't out much, but a stop at the local nursery sure lifted my spirits.

Hibiscus schizopetalus, Japanese Lantern

The rainy days recently were much needed. Sprinkler water is ok, but I always think of canned food vs freshly prepared food, sprinkler vs rain

Canna Richard Wallace

Looking through my garden journal, I see the plants that really seem to like living in my garden, the ones doing well for many years. All in this post are from this group.

Lily gloriosa Rothschildiana
The basket plants, Calista fragrance,  came with me from the previous properties, the flowers are not showy but have a wonderful fragrance and the gloriosa lily above is with me since 2000.

Calista fragrance

I have this lotus, a Florida native, for quite a few years. I grew it from a seed in 2011.

Nelumbo lutea, Yellow Lotus

This hibiscus has a special place in my heart, I grew it from a short little sprig a garden friend from North Carolina had sent me many years ago.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Hawaiian Salmon

We cleaned out the bromeliad bed and thinned out the many overgrown bromeliads, I will have to add this to my journal in a next post. When we started I thought I will never be able to fix this, but we did it and I made a mental not not to wait for 8 years before doing bromeliad-maintenance again.

Neoregelia noID

In the background of this picture of the white Anthurium is the Philodendron Pink Princess, a much loved plant which was close to death a couple years ago after I moved it from its favorite spot. I learned my lesson.

Anthurium White Lady

Fairy or Orchid vine Phanera yunnanensis

OGR Ducher

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  1. Beautiful! Wish we could send some of our rain your way from the Houston area. Too much!

    1. well, thank you, we are having torrential downpours in the last few days and I wish you some dry weather in return :-)

  2. Dein Garten ist ein Paradies , ich liebe ihn