It's the time of year for fluff balls in Myrtle Glen

It started in late April, Mr. Cardinal kept hunting lizards to bring those juicy morsels to Mrs. Cardinal, probably to show her what a great provider he is and that he is able to bring dinner home every day.

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal were hanging out in the back corner of Myrtle Glen, by the driveway. I figured they were discussing options for the location of a nest. Last year they had picked the Mango tree.

By end of May I finally found their nest, they built in in the Climbing Carolina Aster entanglement high up in a Crepe Myrtle's branches. I actually noticed it because a squirrel was getting too close to the nest and Mr. Cardinal was defending it fiercely with a lot of dangerous looking ninja moves involving beak, talons and wing feathers.

Today is Fluff Ball time! The loud, hungry peeps are already going on for a few days and there was a lot of rustle and bustle in the Aster shrub. Today is the first day I see the little ones.  The first glimpse is of a sleeping baby.

The warning calls of its parents woke it up and I can get a good look at Junior. Just a fluff ball with no tail. The babies had somehow crossed over the driveway from the nest myrtle to this myrtle by the neighbor's fence line.

Look at this one, no tail and just a suggestion of wings, but already preening herself :-)

I am happy to see there are two fledglings and I am hoping they will grow up to become healthy and strong Red Cardinals. 

Bob and Marley will not be allowed outside for a while until the fluff balls learn to fly.


  1. I love this! You should name the two fluff balls. Mr. Cardinal is very handsome!

    1. Greetings to Jamaica 🌴 thanks for visiting 💕 I hope you keep on stopping by 🙂

  2. Dein Garten ist eine Pracht