Peter-Bird 1995 - 2020

Yesterday evening, July 11th, my Peter-Bird died.

Little Peter was born in October 1995. We got him from a breeder in Fort Pierce when he was just a tiny little bird. Our son wished for a cockatiel for a long time and, finally giving in, we had a new family member. Peter stayed with us after our son went to college and got married. 

Peter whistled melodies with us, spoke a few words such as 'hello' and 'pretty bird', imitated the phone ringing. He loved to whistle out of tune with my hubs (who's whistling sounds like 3 people are whistling differently and all out of tune) it was quite a racket. 
He also imitated my laugh, and that made me laugh even more, so we were cackling at each other like two old hens, we sure had a good time.

Peter had excellent hearing, he let me know with lots of 'hellos' and 'pretty birds' when hubs came home from work before I could hear the garage door opening. And he was a fierce little bird, he did not like strangers and he made his dislike known with loud squawks. Yes, his squawking, his way of letting me know he was displeased. I better offer him a bite of my dinner or else.

Peter loved his carbs. Pasta, potato dumplings, mashed potatoes, bread, and yes, pizza. Not healthy, but who am I to deny the bird one noodle. 

We had the cage in the center of the house by the breakfast nook, perfectly placed for him to see everything. But a lot of times he just sat on my shoulder snoozing while I was on the computer. 

Not sure what he does with his favorite toy, the little bell. He stuck his face in and half-closed his eyes.

Except during the hot summer months Peter was often outside in a shady spot on the back porch. He picked up songs from the Cardinal and Mockingbird couples living in our back yard. 

Peter-Bird would have had his 25th birthday this October. A quarter century this little creature was with me. As it is most often with birds, there was no warning sign that he may have been unwell. I have to believe he died of old age.  I miss him very much.


  1. So sorry for your loss. It hurts when we lose our pets who were our constant companions.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated.

  2. Ich bin sehr traurig das unser Peterle nicht bei uns ist sein Gezwitscher fehlt mir sehr

  3. Farewell little Peter, you are missed.