Garden for the Senses

In order to have our garden complete, we use the necessary elements. Balance is the key, balancing color, texture, depth, restfulness and stimuli.
What makes a garden enjoyable? What is it that gives the wow-effect?  Usually people are not consciously aware of how much their senses perceive the garden, it just all fits and is whole.

Myrtle Glen does not have separate rooms for the senses, rather all elements mingle with each other throughout every corner of the Garden. Wind chimes, sun catchers, statues, benches, a stone walk winding between the flower beds, herbs, flowers and foliage plants invite you to listen, see, rest, sniff and feel.

some examples:


Gingers (velvety leaves  and waxy flowers)
Flowering grasses
Sandpaper vine
Dombeya (huge, soft leaves)
Comfortable benches
Cool stone walk way


Fruits (citrus, bananas)
Veggies (tomatoes, peppers)
Herbs (peppery nasturtiums, refreshing mint)


Scented geranium
Butterfly ginger
Scented foliage (rosemary, pineapple sage)
Open fire pit, wood burning, and incense
Night blooming jasmine
Confederate jasmine vine


Birds chirp
Insects (bees, evening crickets) buzz
Water bubbles
Wind chimes clink
banana leaves rustle
grasses whisper

"Whether the weather be fine or whether the weather be hot we'll weather the 
weather whether we like it or not "