Just a branch

I got the idea from a nursery, of course their branch was the size if a TREE loaded with huge ferns, orchids and bromeliads. And of course they had the space for it. Here is mine, a downsized version:

branch display

How we did it:

adding Tillandsia varieties

I always wanted to have a branch all grown over with mosses, ferns, etc. and when the clearing work began for widening a road close by, I picked up two nice sized pine branches for this project.
Hubby nailed the branches together and hung them on chains in the jungle walk area.

The Jungle Walk

I tied on clumps of Spagnum moss and ‘planted’ the different plants I am hoping will be happy living on a branch.
There is a micro sprayer above the branch, set on a timer to come on for 10 minutes in the mornings.

Hopefullly the mosses and ferns will take over and eventually cover the wood.

Moss tied to the branch
Bromeliads and Spagnum Moss

Here is an even smaller version, to fit anywhere:

Small branch with Tillandsias