taking over

Plants trying to take over Myrtle Glen

Say 'no thank you' to the cuttings, divisions and seeds which are given too freely by neighbors and colleagues, or at least ask a lot of questions about the growing behavior of the offered plants.  I have learned my lesson with some of the plants below.

What happens is, you want a fast growing plant, that gives you almost instant landscaping at preferably no cost. What you get is a plant  you will have to live with most likely forever.

Of course if you stay on top of them, meaning, with some extra time spent pulling out the seedlings right away and chopping of the suckers in regular intervals, most plants are manageable. I love Boston fern, but I regularly pull out the wiry runners and new pups. It is not hard work, but it is work that cannot be neglected.

Below are some of the plants that need a warning label, learn about their habits before you plant them.

Plants in Myrtle Glen with the above mentioned warning sign

Ruellia brittonia (Mex. Petunia), both regular and dwarf.
Very invasive, seeds and underground runners,
Grow the tall variety it in a pot

Alpinia zerumbet (shell ginger)
spreads by massively connected tubers, forms huge clumps

 Loquat Tree (Chinese Plum)
seedlings, but mainly under the tree

 Clerodendrum, most of varieties
but especially the pagoda flower and the pictured pink ball
spreads by underground runners

Boston fern

Stachystarpheta jamaicensis (Coral Porterweed )
seedlings, locally close to the mother plant
want Hummingbirds? than you should not be without this plant!

starts innocently, but soon breaks out of the pot, forms strong clumps

Mint, all varieties
underground runners  will choke other plants.
Keep it in a pot

Ipomoea cordatotriloba (Wild Morning Glory),
runners go everywhere, a one inch piece is enough  to start roots

Torenia (wishbone flower)
seedlings everywhere

Ornamental sweet potato vine, underground runners
Beach Kalanchoe (mother of thousands), each leave holds tens of young plants
Sansevieria (mother in law tongue)
Artillery Fern

"Give a Weed an Inch and it'll take a Yard "