Animals we observed visiting and living in Myrtle Glen

Birds - different birds visit our backyard wildlife habitat at different times of the year. But we have one Cardinal couple and a Mockingbird couple living here full time. With Hummingbird information and a link to my project on creating an edible birdhouse.

Bird pictures

Who does not love butterflies! We grow certain plants just for them. And it is amazing, you plant and they will come.
Butterflies in Myrtle Glen

Butterfly pictures

Moths can be just as stunningly beautiful as their daytime relatives. We don't tend to see them as often since they hide and sleep away their day. Don't just kill caterpillars, they may transform into 'kings and queens of the night'

Moth pictures

Bugs, creepy crawlers, insects... lots and lots of them in the back yard. Look through the pictures in my Pinterest albums

Critters in Myrtle Glen

Insects, Spiders

About dragonflies  -  Pinterest album: Dragonflies and Damsels

Frogs and Toads
This link goes to my Pinterest picture album

I rarely see a snake, not sure why could be there are too many areas in this neighborhood left untouched. So the snakes have no desire to visit human habitats. But over the years I met a small ringneck snake, a tiny baby brown snake, eastern garter snake, and a Brahminy blind snake. All about the size of rainworms.

A toddler who was found chewing on a slug.
After the initial surge of disgust, the parent said,
"Well ... What does it taste like?"
"Worms" was the reply.