Monday, December 12, 2011

Tiny Pink Beauties - Rhipsalis flowers

Rhipsalis cruciformis

This Monday close-up is Lepismium Cruciforme (or Rhipsalis cruciformis)

The cactus is not all that attractive, but the multiple tiny pink flowers make it a conversation piece.

Lepismium Cruciforme

I keep this succulent in shade, with morning sun exposure and it stays outside all year except when a freeze is predicted.


My other Rhipsalis is Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa, (or Disocactus ramulosus)

a pretty succulent, its flowers are just as tiny and pink and star-shaped, but the pedals do not curl back.

Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa

sprinkled with star-shaped pink flowers

I keep this cactus in a bright location, the sun causes the leaves to turn red.

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