Tuesday, February 6, 2018

BBQ possum anyone?

Just kidding, we are not grilling an opossum ;-)

Meet Georgie, our resident opossum

But of course, hubs got startled Sunday afternoon when he got ready to fire up the grill to cook some ribs. Pulling open the coal bin finding a sleeping opossum sure made him jump and squeal just a little hahaha....

Georgie is playing 'possum'

I see the evidence of an opossum in Myrtle Glen, compost pile messed up, once in a while an overturned flower pot, etc., but since they are nocturnal and I am not, I never see one. Until Sunday, when we found Georgie in its bed. Yes, Georgie, my Daughter-in-Law says this one looks like a Georgie ;-)

aww, look at this cute face!

After snapping a few pictures we closed the bin so Georgie could finish its naptime. We checked the next day but the nest was empty. I really do not mind the opossum in the yard but maybe not nesting in the grill, so we left the bin open to make it uninviting to Georgie. There are enough nice hiding places in Myrtle Glen, it must not be the grill!

Looking underneath the grill, I can't see how Georgie could get into the bin, the opening is pretty small.

In 2012 we caught the opossum in our raccoon trap and of course, released him again. I want to believe this is Georgie, our resident opossum ;-)


  1. Das ist ja sagenhaft so tolle Aufnahmen er hat sich im Grill wohl gef├╝hlt.

    1. Schon, tut mir auch etwas leid dass Georgie da rauss muss aber geht nicht anders.

  2. Aw, how fun to have a resident opossum (as long as it's a fairly docile one)! We could use one here, to help with all the ticks. There must be something about grills. We had the cutest little mouse try to set up shop in our grill last summer despite shooing her away every week to bbq.

    1. As I understand, the good thing is opossums are docile and slow. I would think they can bite well with their needle sharp teeth but only if bothered.

  3. I don't know he looks very vicious, like he could take someone's arm off... ;-)