The garden is waking up

One year ago in February the bananas started to flower, my azalea was in full bloom, I had roses.... This year, not so much.
But in the midst of raking and cleaning up and cutting back the frost damage, I do find my garden is waking up

 As much as I sometimes wish I would have less or none of the Oxalis, right about now when not much is flowering, I welcome the bright pink flowers showing up everywhere.

The hummingbirds are visiting this lonely Firespike flower every day

The Peruvian Daffodils seem to like the cold snap, I was surprised to find it in bloom. But I am expecting the Amaryllis to be blooming late this year.

It's not all about flowers, this little Neoregelia is shining!  

Luckily, the temperature did not drop much below freezing or this beautiful croton would be on the compost pile by now

The variegated Monstera is fine, the different Sansevierias lost a lot of their leaves as did the Swiss Cheese Philodendron.  But the Acalypha plants (Copperleaf) don't look too good, no leaves just sticks. 

The moss on the little water feature is doing great. There was a time I hated it, I scrubbed it off where ever it showed up. Nowadays I love it. The more moss, the better. 


  1. Very nice, I like the most effect too

    1. Myrtle Glen needs more moss, I wonder if I could transplant pieces to different locations

  2. I know Florida had such a cold snap this winter! Glad that you still have some blooms so early! The Peruvian daffodils are so pretty, and I love your moss.

    1. sadly, just a few flowers here and there, but in a couple months all will be lush and tropical again. I just have to survive until then ;-)

  3. I love the moss! My next door neighbor was trying to get rid of her moss until I pointed out how lovely it was. Now it has spread to form a small moss lawn in a wooded area that once was mostly weeds.

    All of your flowers look great to my eyes, so weary of seeing winter grays. But my favorite multicolored plant has to be your croton!

  4. eine herrliche Bl├╝htenpracht es ist toll