Tuesday, August 7, 2018

August in Myrtle Glen

It is just as hot and humid as in July and going out in the yard is not my favorite thing to do right now.

Early morning is still the best time to see the backyard. The sun is waking up and it looks like a spotlight is shining on my beloved elephant ears

I can't complain, the caladium, elephant ears and ferns are looking happy. 

Here is a look at the backyard from the back corner by the driveway

And here is where my kitchen garden was some time ago. The trees grew tall and wide over the years and now there is just not enough hours of sunlight to grow vegetables and herbs. I do miss the dedicated veggie bed, now I have the herbs tugged in between other plants and some potted under the pergola. Not ideal!

My favorite plants, bromeliads, caladium, and ferns. Banana plants give the yard such a tropical look. Looking at the picture makes me wonder what is wrong with the potted cordyline. 

Now, this is how a cordyline should look like.

The Pitcher plant likes the morning sun, and I am surprised the Antique rose 'Alister Stella Gray' is blooming. All my other roses are hanging on by their teeth waiting for cooler temperatures. The rain lilies are flowering on and off throughout the summer, this yellow one is Zephyranthes primulina. The other plants in the picture below are Hedychium 'Carnival', Cordyline 'Candycane', Mexican Oleander, Epidendrum 'Lakeview Yellow Splash'


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    1. Danke, freut mich dass du mir immer einen Eintrag schreibst :)

  2. Your garden looks as lush and beautiful as always! I don't know how you do it in this heat. I can only manage to get from my air conditioned house to my air conditioned car; or from my house to my pool. I am too lazy in the summer.

    1. Hi K8, thanks for visiting :-)
      It is hot, and I only am outside early in the morning, but yes, in this heat I wish I had a pool.