Monday, June 15, 2020

Dreaming of cruising

"To dream of cruising represents a relaxed approach to a negative situation. Cruising through problems with ease". Or so the smart websites tell you.

Nah! For me it is simply the withdrawal of cruising....

Enchantment of the Seas, March 31, 2019

... a small cabin with a large mirror and not enough electrical outlets, but sweet room stewards taking care of everything. The towel animals, the red wine I forget it tastes cheap when sipping while watching the ocean ...

... Wildlife, yes, I miss that, too.
We observed a school of stingrays swimming alongside the ship during our weekend cruise end of March 2019.

I miss the Island time. So relaxed, water, sand, sunshine...

Coco Cay

To ease the pain we have a Google routine set for when we go to bed, with shutting off all lights in the house the sound of soothing ocean waves come on to lull us to sleep.

I would be happy with just a short 4-night cruise. But for now, in the time of the Covid-19, Royal Caribbean has all sailings suspended through July 31st 2020.

All I can do is dream of cruising....

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