What's flowering in June 2020

June started out very rainy, I believe it was tropical storm Cristobal's fault, but after a fairly dry May the plants soak up the rain. By mid-month it is steamy hot here.

Let's see, the Lotus is still flowering, I just can't get enough of it's beauty

Nelumbo lutea, Yellow Lotus

Evergreen Wisteria or Summer Wisteria, Millettia reticulata, is finally flowering. I grew it from seed, which takes like forever.

Summer Wisteria, Millettia reticulata

My most favorite flower color in the garden is white, this on is Monstera Adansonii or Swiss Cheese Plant, I guess it gets the cheesy name because of the holes in its leaves.

Monstera Adansonii

The Passiflora edulis, Maracuja, is flowering and producing fruit (top pictures),
the Canistel flower is not showy but will hopefully bring a delicious Canistel fruit (bottom left)
and the Kumquat tree set flowers for the third time, this will ensure a continuous harvest, and in the background the sunny-yellow flowers are from the Mousetrap tree, Uncarina grandidieri  (bottom right)

The delicate Spider Lily, Hymenocallis latifolia, is a Florida native

Spider Lily

This little vine bounced back nicely from a hard cutback a couple months ago,  Fairy or Orchid vine loves the dappled shade provided by the Crepe Myrtles

Fairy or Orchid vine Bauhinia yunnanensis

This stapelia is most resilient, and its flowers are unique, very dark burgundy colored bells

Stapelia Leendertziae

Crinum lily bulbispermum 'Chessmaster' flowers on and off throughout the summer. 

Crinum Lily

This little ginger is around 10 inches tall with beautiful bright oranges flowers

dancing girl ginger, Globba schomburgkii

I'm thinking the Rose is getting ready for her summer slumber. She will flower in abundance when it gets cooler again.

OGR Duchesse De Brabant

A few red flowers, Blood Lily, Coral Honeysuckle, Crocosmia 'Orange Prince' and Cane begonia 'Torch'

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  1. Hi - what lovely flowers you have! We are in very different climates! I lived in Alabama for my first garden and had a volunteer passion flower - nice surprise! What size across is that gorgeous lotus flower? Thanks for visiting my blog too! - paula

    1. Volunteer flowers are the best :-)
      the lotus is about 8 inches across

  2. Lovely blooms .I miss my blood lily blooms as they have shown only leaves this year .Monstera bloom is a rare scene to experience among those gigantic beautiful leaves.

    1. thanks for stopping by :-)
      interesting, my monstera varieties flower freely, no rare scene here.

  3. LOVE that lotus and passion flower! I've tried to grow both with little success, as our season here in New England is just so short.

  4. Your have such wonderful colors in your garden! I have to say the spider lily certainly caught my eye :)

    Feel free to share at My Corner of the World

  5. Those spider lilies are something I would want. BI wonder if they can be overwintered for a zone 7 garden.

    1. This native Florida lily I would think you have to dig up the bulbs before frost sets in, and store them dry in the basement or garage. But there are many so called spider lilies and some do grow happily in zone 7.

  6. Nice pictures. I like the lotus flower too.