Feeling watched

Relaxing in the garden, watching the beautiful clouds drift by, I can't help but wonder if I am being watched

The face above seems to smile, the face below seems to frown at me.

And this face looks menacing 

That's definitely a fish

Can you see things in the clouds? are you looking for familiar shapes?
Btw, the ability to see things in random objects is called pareidolia.

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  1. Herrliche Wolken , man kann zum träumen anfangen

    1. Schon irre, ich habe so eigentlich noch nie ein Gesicht gesehen, nun gleich dreimal in 2 Tagen.

  2. I often see shapes in the sky - beautiful blues up there

  3. Beautiful clouds, and yes, I think you were being watched!!

  4. The eyes in the sky!!
    Way back when, I had no responsibilities and lived on the gulf coast. I'd come home from work, get a beer and go sit by the pool, looking at the clouds going by.