Sunday afternoon at Leu Gardens

Our local botanical garden in Orlando is open but its Leu House Museum is closed due to Covid-19.

It is real quiet on this hot Sunday afternoon. We hear insects, see some butterflies and at the lookout by lake Rowena the turtles and fish move around lazily in the water. All other critters are on their afternoon nap time.

It's summertime in the gardens. The heat hurts! Here is the test garden, poor plants, they are in full sun to test if they can make it to be called fit for Florida.

Feels so good to be in shade, wandering under large trees, Magnolias, Oaks, Palms...

Long strands of Spanish Moss lazily sways in the breeze

Back in full sun, the rose garden looks baked

 I wonder how hot is must be in the bat house

 I am adding the pink banana, Musa velutina, to my wish list

 Lovely pink colored bromeliads, added to wish list

Neo. Passion

My hidden ginger is not blooming yet

Same with the Bat plant (Tacca), mine has healthy large leaves but no flowers yet

and one more bromeliad for the wish list

Ae. Lueddemanniana

I couldn't find a name tag for this gorgeous Hibiscus but a quick Google search says it is Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Fiji Island'

This high planting bed looks like a fairy garden. I like the idea of this fern tree, a tree stump planted with ferns.  Now I must find a tree stump.

Leu Gardens website


  1. Wow, such gorgeous tropical plants! Love that bat flower! I have gotten so acclimated to the New England cold that I start wilting when it's mid-80's out. I would be hard pressed to live down south again with that heat!

    1. yes, the three summer months here in Florida I consider as 'stay-indoors' time. But the rest of the year is beautiful here. Back in Germany it was several winter months 'stay-indoors' time for me :-)

  2. Leu Gardens is always a great way to spend a few hours

    1. and of course I added a few plants to my ever growing wishlist :D

  3. So viele herrliche Pflanzen das sind alles Prachtexemplare