Monarch Waystation Habitat

Myrtle Glen is a Monarch Waystation Habitat certified with Monarch Watch
ID 5208, certified 7/25/11
and is also registered as a Butterfly Garden and Habitat with the North American Butterfly Association

the 'official' sign

Monarch caterpillars feed exclusively on plants in the milkweed family.
Milkweed plants in their natural habitat are declining due to development and use of chemicals in farmlands and roadside management.

Monarch butterflies need our help!

Every garden should plant some milkweed, every little plant helps.
By creating and maintaining a Monarch Waystation we help assure the preservation of the Monarchs and their spectacular migration phenomenon.

plant it and they will come :)

Giant Milkweed flower

Monarch caterpillar

Monarch pupa


Common butterfly weed(yellow and orange varieties) is readily available in nurseries and garden centers, and swamp milkweed (in different colors) and Giant Swan Milkweed, or Balloon plant, grow easy from seeds.

Help by reporting the Monarchs you see:

Help by reporting the Monarchs you see at


  1. You have a lot of visitors! :0)
    Isn't it nice when Mother Nature stops by?
    I've heard of other species of milkweed and you have some I've never seen before. Beautiful photos!

    David/ :-)

  2. YAY butterflies! Is the giant milkweed easy to grow? your photos are beautiful, as always!

  3. Yes Beth, so far so good, it is growing well for me.

  4. I need to sow some Giant Milkweed seeds!
    Fabulous pictures!

  5. Thanks Kate, yes, every yard should have milkweed :D