New Year's eve at IOA (Universal Studios FL)

We spent St. Sylvester day, December 31st, at IOA (Island of Adventure, Universal Studios Theme Park in Orlando), ringing in the new year with live bands and lots of toots and cheering.

Happy 2012

Of course I could not help it but notice the park's plantings ;)

Universal Studios Island of Adventure

I love Dombeyas, and they were planted everywhere

Just look at this stunning fishtail palm frond!

fishtail palm

Bauhinia galpinii (Red Orchid Bush) is flowering this time of year

Dwarf Red Orchid Tree

A red Powderpuff (Calliandra haematocephala), trained into a small tree. I will do this with my white Powderpuff. At the moment it is a large bush sprawling where ever it wants to.
I'll get it in shape ;)

Arriving at Hogsmeade

Hogsmeade at IOA

The snow-covered roof tops of the Harry Potter village at IOA

loved the screaming mandrakes, but I don't think I will plant those in Myrtle Glen ;)

one of several large Nepenthes planters

at the Ollivanders Wand Shop ...

I had to have Hermione's Time-Turner. How awesome would it be to magically get an extra hour here and there

This creature, a Thing in Seuss' Landing, wears a hat of orange bulbine. If you look closely you will see the single flower spike. Adorable!

a Thing

Even the palm trees were decorated

Plantings are nice, but don't compare to the plantings at SeaWorld or Disney. But this is just my opinion.

Btw, I love the butterbeer ;)


  1. Some really great photos! Love those garden areas...maybe one day I'll go there, just for that! and, of course, to try out the butter beer! :) Happy New Year...looking forward to lots of blogs from Myrle Glen!!

  2. ihr hattet einen herrlichen tag ich freue mich für euch
    es sind sehr schöne aufnahmen
    und bei euch ist so tolles warmes wetter

  3. wir haben nun grad kein tolles Wetter, eine Arktische Kaltfront macht zur Zeit Urlaub hier in Florida :-/

    Aber ja, wir hatten Glueck mit dem Wetter am 31. :-)

  4. thanks Beth.... I am sure you heard, the 'Jaws' ride at Universal is no longer. What a shame, it was one of my favorite rides.

  5. Great pictures, as always! If you figure out how to get that extra hour a day, please let me know!!!

  6. lol, yes Kate, I'll post it right away ;)