In my library - The Garden Awakening

Designs To Nurture Our Land & Ourselves
by Mary Reynolds

This is a book worth having in my library, it is such a beautiful book! The cover in green and black with golden accents which don't show in my amateurish photograph, the pages have colored borders for the chapters and of course there is a gold ribbon book mark. And it is filled with enchanting artwork by Ruth Evans.
Not a conventional design-your-garden or how-to-garden book, but full of magical inspiration. Ms. Reynolds talks about the old ways in Ireland of living with Nature and connecting with the Earth. Fairies, curses, wishing trees, oh my! And yes,  there are times I am thinking  'that's far fetched' but mostly I thought 'ok, it makes sense.

You find guidance on how to connect with Nature, but you must WANT to be part of the piece of Earth called your garden.


  1. Thanks for introducing this book. I LOVE books, and especially beautifully bound books.I'm going to look for this book now. I'll look forward to reading about wishing trees :-)