Dendrobium moschatum

Purely accidentally, the Cordyline fruticosa 'Exotica' offered her beautiful leaves as backdrop for the orchid flowers. I'm thinking its a good match. 

This orchid is flowering like crazy. The resident squirrels snacked on some flower buds, kids walking by snatched some flowers that hung over the fence line and I was dumb enough to strip an entire cluster of buds which grew between two fence panels by trying to pull them back inside. But there are still lots and lots of flowers to enjoy.

Dendrobium moschatum is native to India and Indochina but seems perfectly at home in Central Florida

The individual flowers do not last very long, about seven days, but since not all open at once the flower show continues for several weeks.

The flowers develop at the end of up to 5 feet long canes. The orchid grows in a wooden basket and I try to have the Crepe Myrtle be a support for the canes.

Looking at the pictures I am thinking I have to re-pot and find a different, larger space for the orchid. I am just hesitant to mess with it since it obviously likes it in its corner.


  1. The orchid is beautiful! And this post was informative as well! ��

  2. When I bought it, didn't know it grows so big and took 3 years to give the first flowers,now is about 7 to 8 feet height and lots of flower buds. I finally accepted it and enjoy it.

    1. Same here, I accepted its 'wildness' and leave it where it wants to grow.