Is it Springtime yet?

It is a weird Spring of 2021. Cloudy days, rainy days, cold days, 45F at night, 80F at lunchtime, bring in the orchids, take 'em back out. Rinse and repeat. But of course we still have plenty of sunshine and blue sky. 

My favorite corner of the yard is the bromeliad area and with sunshine the plants are glowing.

Winter is over!

Covid-19 is still going strong, though, and now with mutations. But it is springtime, and I am seeing my friends' garden blogs waking up. There is hope in the air, hope of normalcy. 
Will I dare to go to spring plant sales? Visit botanical gardens without fear of people stepping into my personal space? 

Nature does not care about the virus, just look at the flowers on the Mango tree, I am hoping for lots and lots of fruit. And there are flower buds on the lychee and avocado as well. 

the Raja Puri is already setting fruit, I will have short, fat, sweet dessert bananas in a few months. Last year the banana plants were outperforming themselves, I did not need to buy bananas and had plenty to share.

It will be a good year, and even if  my family has to stay quarantined a while longer in the garden of Myrtle Glen. 

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