Mini Terrarium

I always wanted to have a terrarium, but shied away because of the high maintenance. But I found a couple of neat looking, long stemmed vases with lids, and I immediately thought of planting something inside.

Since those are very small, it may work ok for a moss garden and being so little it should not require much time to keep it neat.

Here is how I did it:

  • glass container with a lid
  • pebbles
  • charcoal
  • potting mix
  • wooden stick (a skewer)
  • River Rock
  • Plants from the garden

Take a peek!

first a layer of pebbles, then charcoal and finally some fresh potting mix.
I planted a bit of Irish Moss, a pup of a garden variety fern, and a couple varieties of sedums.

A mini Greenhouse :-)

I am sure the fern will outgrow its space, but it will find a home back in the yard, and I will replace it with a pup again.

I am using shade-loving plants since I plan on keeping those mini terrariums at a bright window but out of direct sunlight. Don't want to bake the plants since the sun would turn the terrarium into an oven.

Here is the second glass, planted with sedum, Irish moss, and a mini begonia. And same as with the fern in the first glass, the begonia will outgrow and will be exchanged for a new division.

'No winter lasts forever; no spring will skip its turn' 
[Hal Borland]