Friday, February 16, 2018

Waiting for 14 years

Yes, 14 years for this little guy to move to Myrtle Glen!

We always had the Common House Gecko around where ever we lived in Florida. But strangely, none showed up when we moved here. There were a few blue-tailed skinks and anoles, but no gecko.

I love geckos, they are so adorable. I can only hope this one sticks around and calls his friends over.

This gecko is not a Florida native, my best guess, it is the Indo-Pacific Gecko - Hemidactylus garnotii.  Geckos are nocturnal, moon lizards, they sleep during the day and hunt for insects at night around porch lights. These little guys are not dangerous, they are not venomous and certainly don't bite.


  1. glückwunsch ich freue mich für euch
    ich hoffe das er bei euch bleibt

    1. Man kann nie genug geckos haben, sind sehr nuetzliche Tierchen

  2. Very cute! We used to have little green anole lizards when we lived in North Carolina that I just loved to see out and about in the garden. Here I haven't seen any lizards, though occasionally I'll find a salamander hiding under a rock.